I have worked with ‘Swamp Circus’, ‘Herd Circus’ and The S.W.S of mount Scarper. My favorite of these experiences was working with Strange weather. They are a delightful group of immersive theatre actors with whom anything is an adventure of magic and mystery.

logo-black-and-white-paintUP AND COMING

Toastal Office will be based in Cornwall, England.

No man should go without toast. Two on one bike we will deliver toast to those in need, hot and stamped. Our horn is sure to break the crowds and as a team we can post toast or deliver.


Our toastal service has recently gained a bicycle. The bicycle is  having a lick of conker and cream paint.

Our costumes are well and truly underway, soon to have screen printed logos on the backs, thanks to Ruth Lovegrove’s screen printing. We are going with the vintage British postmen aesthetic. Fixed with a grill and bread-bin panniers filled with fluffy bead, our bicycle will be up and making our morning rounds for the hung over or early birds.


If you think your friend or event could do with a toastal delivery from our team of four toastmen and toastwomen then please let me know via email. Prices are negotiated case by case. We are UK only and delivers are limited to Cornwall.

Head of toastal department – Rose Lovegrove.




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