Click here to see my work process for a short film, ‘It’s About a Comet’. 

Here is a short 2017 Show reel to demonstrate what I learned in my first year of animation.



Durik is an Adobe after effects add on or plug in. This in computer animation style really tries my patience. Although the computer based animation style is supposed to save time and hassle, rigging individual characters is tiring and the computer often crashes causing you to loose your work. no matter how often I tell myself to save, the amount of attention which Druik desires leaves me feeling stressed. To add, the moments of characters are under the computers control. They can look stuff and unnatural. However, one a character has been created they are layered and skeletal which is an enormous benefit for last minute changes.

My experience of Durik was gained mostly in the creation of this film:

Alienators from PCA Media on Vimeo.

the alien, drawn by a young girl called Amilie, was then re-drawn and animated by my self and Benjamin Brock-Bank, Ben’s work for the most part.  Ben completely devoted himself to this tedious process, hours and hours of time spent in coffee shops lead to this.
Now, first things first, the film was directed by nine year olds; we must give credit for this animation, then after appreciating the work put into it, we can pick it apart for how un-naturally the alien moves. The scene with it’s eye looking out from the box alone took days. All of the drawing was done digitally too, other that the concept art.


After these days living in a coffee shop I decided that computer animation was not really for me. inspired by the work of Jan Svankmajer, I began working on stop motion animation, featuring real objects and people. I had done this a little at the very start of my film course in college, though animation is not really included in my curriculum. I created this film on my first day:

I later began to experiment with clay and intended to create a film about a boy made from wood and girl made from tinfoil, who set out together in a boat. I made a beach on the floor of my room and filmed the animation. Sadly, the camera corrupted the photos and all was lost. I am still unsure what happened. With more time perhaps I could have recovered them,  but my kit was due to be returned to the E.R.C. I have here some photos which did survive:

Purple car I actually made on a train ride home. This style of animation is fast and effective. Here I used the same frame style with clay:

Worms for supper I created for ARTiculation, a public speaking competition in which I focused on the work of Jan Svankmajer. I won the regional heats and was one of nine for speak at the Cambridge finals.


Perhaps blackboard motion was the start of my hand draw animation faze, the link between. It is a slow process of drawing, but it is still taken as photos with risk of light changing, objects moving and more:


Hand drawn

More recently I have been working on hand drawn animation.I am creating walk cycles and constructing from them movements with Abobe Premier Pro cc. I have used this style to create a short film for some nine year olds. The film was created in a very short space of time, maybe 19 hours:

Although the film it’s self isn’t that impressive, I enjoyed the process and feel that i learned a lot from making this. Not only did I learn a lot about have nine year olds direct me, I also learned how to hand draw my own animation, a style I have always been in awe of but felt was beyond me abilities. I created walk cycles using no more than 19 hand drawn frames, then made them into ‘GIF’ images and imported then to create movments in Premier.

I really enjoy this style, these are my first three animations created in this way, but now I am working on 30 slide frames with human movements.



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