YoutubeMostly my youtube channel is a log of events I save for nostalgic appeal, but please feel free to check out my Youtube channel. Like, comment and subscribe. I am always happy to discuss film and think it is a beautiful art.

In 2016 I started my course in film making, (CMP Plymouth College of Art, Level three Pre-Degree). Since then I have made short promotional videos for local businesses and have collaborated in other projects. I enjoy using my knowledge in film to promote small businesses and artists. Some of my videos are available to see on Vimeo. Or you can see my final major film for college here:

(Please note a lot of my Vimeo work is for college purposes and not all of my videos are finished pieces.)

I have a knowledge of DSLR cameras and can edit using Adobe Premier Pro. I can create videos to a high standard of quality/ 1080p HD MP4.

If you have an event or business to promote, or are looking to create a short film, please feel free to contact me via email.


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