In the minds of our collection of odd people, there is a mountain island called Mount Scarper. On this island live the collection of odd people and here they have homes and safe places. In reality our characters enjoy their lives while fantasizing reality into Mount Scarper's dimension. The mountain is symbolised through and is inspired by their rehearsing of the show '100% Accurate Fortune Telling' , devised by Gulliver, head of S.W.S Mount Scarper. As Gulliver and the Herd train to performing at festivals they plan the coming of summer and well earned end to the wet season. Some characters exist only in Mount Scarper and their presence in reality is miss leading and frowned upon. We follow one particular character who seems to be battling an obsession, (replacing and replenishing secret temporary people) at the same time as dreaming and simultaneously experiencing a petty love story. This underlying story is however unimportant to the comic which seems to generally be complete and utter gobbledygook.