In the minds of our collection of odd people, there is a mountain island called Mount Scarper. On this island live the collection of odd people and here they have homes and safe places.   In reality our characters enjoy their lives while fantasizing reality into Mount Scarper's dimension. The mountain is symbolised through and [...]


My journey into animation has lead me down several paths; the first, (my least favorite) Durik. COMPUTER ANIMATION Durik. Durik is an Adobe after effects add on or plug in. This in computer animation style really tries my patience. Although the computer based animation style is supposed to save time and hassle, rigging individual characters [...]

Public speaking

Recently I have been taking part in a competition names 'ARTiculation'. After I prepared a speech on Jan Svankmajer, a filmmaker and surrealist artist who I am very keen on, I  presented it to groups in my college and passed through to the regional heat in Bristol. I then took part in fortnightly discussions with [...]


I have worked with 'Swamp Circus', 'Herd Circus' and The S.W.S of mount Scarper. My favorite of these experiences was working with Strange weather. They are a delightful group of immersive theatre actors with whom anything is an adventure of magic and mystery. UP AND COMING Toastal Office will be based in Cornwall, England. No [...]

Home Education

Through out childhood friends I was making, kids in the library and at the swimming pool or even adults who saw me out at mid day would ask me, "What school do you go to?" When ever I used to tell people that I didn't go to school, they would ask me the same three [...]